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Meet Daniel Churchill


Food, Cooking, Surfing, Lifestyle, Travel, Fitness and a kick arse attitude ? (Oh and food)

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Whats going on legends!?! Im a Chef with a Masters in Exercise Science (Strength & Conditioning) born on the beaches of Sydney, Australia but now live in the epic energetic place they call NYC…

I have written three books (check out those bad boys below) and have been fortunate to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America and EMMY award winning cooking show The Chew.

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Simply put… I see the power of food in what it can do to in bringing people together… “My Mission is to make people happier and food is my tool to do that.”

Im fortune to travel with my work, discover amazing foods, stories and cultural traditions…

Nourishing colorful food has always been a massive part of my life and the impact I believe it plays on society is so important. I believe it truly brings people together and causes people to communicate and enjoy each others company, plus it tastes amazing!!!

Restaurant Coming Soon…

Dude Food

Attention, dudes: you no longer have an excuse to avoid the kitchen. Dan Churchill has written a cookbook for guys who have always wanted to cook, but don’t know where to start; boyfriends who are initimidated by a frying pan; and sons who have too long relied on their parents for meals. These mouth-watering recipes are easy to read and, most important, easy to replicate.


The Healthy Cook

How often do you find yourself grumpy or angry because you are starving? How much do you love going out to dinner, lunch or breakfast? How good is the feeling when your big plate of food arrives in front of you with the smell going straight into your nostrils? Sound familiar?

It is through this passion and love for food that we get a true rush of happiness thanks to the relationship with our hormones. By eating, you create a sense of enjoyment and this is well supported by the release of endorphins and serotonin from your glands. In my opinion some of the best times of the day revolve around our food.

Surfing the Menu

Discover the spectacular natural diversity of the north of Australia, from Broome to Byron, with two of Australia’s favourite food lovers and cooks, and enjoy 80 amazing recipes inspired by local growers and food producers.

Along with Gigi, an intrepid vintage VW Beetle, MasterChef stars Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn travel from the west coast, to the north, and then to the east coast of Australia to explore what’s cooking and the incredible produce of each spectacular region — and being surfer dudes, to catch some waves too!

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